What mental health resources are available while abroad?

There are many factors involved in ensuring a safe and successful program abroad. Key among these are the mental and emotional well-being of our participants. The stress of adjusting to an unfamiliar culture, different time zones, a change of academic environment, being far from friends and family, and/or adjusting to a new system of support services (and perhaps one that is not as robust as you might find at home) can bring about a variety of unexpected and potentially overwhelming reactions.

If students have a therapist/counselor back home and they can continue to do virtual sessions while they are abroad, this would be ideal, as they already know the student's history and students are already comfortable with them.

However, if virtual sessions are limited due to state licensure laws, CIS Abroad offers a service called Let's Talk, which allows students to sign up for 30-minute virtual sessions with our licensed counselor. While not meant to be utilized regularly, they will be a good resource should the student need.

If students find that they need someone on a more regular basis, the student should talk to their site director who can direct them to a local counselor. Mental health is insured up to $1000 USD for outpatient care as part of the CIS Abroad fees.