Can I bring my medication abroad with me?

If you are on any medications and you're sure you will need them while away, talk to your doctor about getting a supply for the full period of time that you'll be abroad. If this is not possible, then contact CIS Abroad and we can help you connect with the University health services abroad or a local doctor before departure to ensure that you can get prescription medication while abroad. Also, make sure you keep the doctor's prescription with you in a safe place. You'll need to bring it with you when you travel to your foreign country.

If you will be bringing your medication abroad, it's advisable to get a written letter/note from your doctor listing your prescription(s) and your condition(s) under treatment to carry with you. This is in case questions arise about your medications when you pass through customs.

Finally, make sure all prescribed medication is in your carry-on and not in checked luggage, in case you need to access your medication during travel or your flight or luggage is delayed.