What do you mean when you say your internships are customized?

Our internships are customized based on an applicant's needs and interests. We find the best fit for you by learning about who you are, focusing primarily on your interests, and the professional skills you wish to improve on/acquire. This means that, with a few exceptions, we don't have set internships in a given location. We work closely with our onsite internship placement team to find and customize an internship based on our conversations with you.

This also means that certain locations are stronger than others for certain academic/professional fields. Our internship placement team uses their professional network and connections to find the best fit for you, so we will have stronger placements in the locations where staff members have the strongest network in your desired field.

You can use the Program Finder tab to search Internships by Field. You can also go to each program page by destination and see the list of placeable fields under the Internship Placements section of the page. Don't see your field listed? It may be possible to do an internship in your field even if you don't see it as an option, so please reach out to learn more!